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Production of dermo cosmetics

We work hard to develop and implement the products and projects you you dream of!
Our Product Groups;
• Face care creams
• Face wash gels and foams
• Body care creams
• Skin care serums
• Skin care mask and peeling products
• Skin care tonics
• Hair care products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask)
• Hair styling products
• Hair care oils
• Eyebrow and eyelash care products
Filing the ministerial registrations that your company will need to do in the legal processes, preparation of product safety information files (MSDS), preparation of cosmetic product information file (ÜBD) and product safety assessment reports (ÜGR), Supervisory Technical Staff service, Ministry of Health TITCK, product tracking system (ÜTS), making cosmetic product notifications, obtaining cosmetic export certificate, designing cosmetic product label in accordance with the legislation, cosmetic product formulation and process support, contract manufacturing of your turnkey private label products in GMP conditions in our production facility, and by providing you services in accordance with ISO 9001 and GMP norms, we will deliver and cause you to reach to your destination as soon as possible
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    Describe Your Ideal Product to Our Experts! In tablet, hard capsule, soft capsule, liquid, sachet, and powder filling, production, and all processes, we are with you.

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    Let's plan the production stages of your product with the production stages of the product, analyzes and technical reports.

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    Receive your product, which is produced at European standards in high-tech laboratories and facilities.

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