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Artwork Services

Generate your own brand for your product.
Let us bring your product to life with our professional and creative design service

Experienced Team

Our Artwork team comprises of experienced designers in the healthcare industry

Attention/Care and Integrity

We employ stringent quality control procedures for eliminating errors.

Rapid and Attentive

We know well that on time delivery and every letter is of great importance to you.

Graphic Design

All design and printing services, which are significant for the Registrar's Department of food supplements and Dermo cosmetics, are in safe hands.
Graphic design is one of the most significant factors during the emergence of a product. The reason for this is that it is one of the longest-lasting processes among many stages from the decision-making stage of the products to the stage of launching the product. Our company helps its customers with our Artwork team so that the products can be produced on time with this awareness.

Graphic-Artwork Management Support
Box Design (1 design+2 revisions)
Label Design (1 design+2 revisions)
Prospectus Design (1 design+2 revisions)
Blister Design (1 design+2 revisions)
Box Design (1 design+2 revisions)

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