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A Leader in Food Supplement and Cosmetics production

PHARMA ROSSO is a contract manufacturing company working in the fields of food supplements, personal care and cosmetics with its experience and experienced staff since 2015.
Thanks to its investments, the company employs systematic and efficient working conditions with the it has made, the internationally recognized documents it has acquired and its superior service understanding, and continues its activities with a focus on customer satisfaction.


  • Carrying out activities in accordance with the reason of existence and corporate culture of our organization,
  • Producing and serving in compliance with the laws and customer specifications,
  • Being a leader among the companies known in the industry for the service it provides, as well as being reliable company,
  • Taking into consideration all risk factors that may affect product quality and safety, preparing the appropriate infrastructure, making error-free and hygienic production,
  • Raising a common awareness by providing the necessary training to all personnel in accordance with our integrated management system and our goals,
  • Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers with our product quality and hygienic conditions by aiming to fully meet customer expectations,
  • Always being innovative in production and service, to ensure continuous development; in this way, to further increase our asset value in the market,
  • Playing a role in the formation of a well-balanced and well-fed society with its rich product options and beneficial ingredients,
  • Manufacturing products that are free of physical, biological, and chemical contamination, and that will not endanger human health,
  • It is our policy to keep up with the times by closely monitoring technological and sectoral developments.



By fulfilling the context and purpose of our organization, we aim to become the number one and most inspiring company in Turkey in its sector.

Sustaining our success by producing food supplements with high bioavailability in the sector, gaining strength from our innovative entrepreneurial spirit, and achieving permanent advantages by creating differences.


Carrying out production services by using the knowledge and technology in the best way with the service culture we have, without sacrificing quality and hygiene, in accordance with the correct, reliable and ethical values


We offer a complete manufacturing service.


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